Monday, February 16, 2015

short interview with Safiyya TV9

Assalamualaikum wbt.

I hope everyone is doing fine :)

so the interview was aired yesterday in Malaysia and I have got so many responses from so many people. Thank you so much for making time to write to me in FB,emails and comment on my pictures with those amazing supportive and comforting words. May Allah bless all of you and your effort.

I was really touched by your kind gestures and yes all prayers and dua are highly appreciated.

I know most people are very concern about me being in London away from my family but be rest assured that i have so many people supporting me here. My family, yes they are in Malaysia but they are ver close to me. My sisters know most of the thing that happen to me daily. we've got whatsapp and skype. there are so many ways available to communicate. yes they cannot be here physically but i know they never forget me in their prayers and that is the best thing one can ever do. it's like asking the One who has the power,who controls everything to take care of me.Nothing beats that,isnt it?

Here in London, I have friends that act like my own family. whenever i have some issues, they come running to help me and I really thank Allah for putting these amazing people in my life.

These are the people who stay with me through the most difficult days in medical school as well as the happiest moment in London. They are there when i need support or just friends to rant about life. <3

My two lovely local friends! their family treat me like their own daughter.they are always around reminding me about Allah and His greatness.

And i have a lot of friends texting me every now and then all the way from malaysia to make sure that i am ok.
Alhamdulillah. I never felt like i'm in this alone and that makes me feel so grateful and thankful to Allah. I pray that all of you who directly or indirectly wish and pray for the best to happen to me to be blessed.may Allah protect us all and grant us the best place in jannah.



annfarhanahbaharudin said...

i wish they provide more funding for rcc ptient in my center, we have a long list awaiting for pazopanib...and is just toooo expensive to purchase by patient himself/herself...😢

nik idzni dalila said...

I knowwww..i was told to wait around 8 months to get the funding for sunitinib back in malaysia..i am so lucky to be able to get free treatment heart goes to them's very very expensive

Anonymous said...

Hi,i wanna ask a few questions about kyuem and medicine? Is it possible for you to created so that it is easier for me to spam u with questions? Hehe

nik idzni dalila said...

I have it..i think there is a box in my blog somewhere for 😊

Anonymous said...

Okay,found it! Thanks! Check ur ok!