Tuesday, November 11, 2014

when u have Allah

when you have Allah you have everything you ever need for in this life and the hereafter.sometimes i feel like i'm losing myself to this world.i keep on thinking about the future but sometimes i forget about the real future.the life after death. i stopped judging people long time ago since i know even a person like me who has been tested with huge affliction tends to forget sometimes let alone everyone else. we are human.we forget things.that's why we need people to help reminding us. i have a huge respect to everyone who does not go through difficulties yet is so consistent in doing good deeds.i'm justa kind of person who needs constant prompting. Allahuu..O Allah please forgive me.bring me closer to youuuu pleaseee.

sometimes i struggle.there are bad daysss. i feel like i jumped off the cliff down to the bottom.i feel like i did not do enough.i feel like i'm so far away from God.i'm sure some of my readers feel the same sometime.when you feel that,hurry up and make wudhuk and pray..or maybe do some dhikr. there's no point of wailing about something you cannot change.so might as well make the change now.we are human..we are meant to make mistake.but if we go back to him and repent would you think Allah the most gracious the most forgiving will ignore us?definitely not.never lose hope..

do not give up.the fact that Allah makes you feel and realise that you are lost means that He loves us and wants us to go back to him.

whenever you feel far from him combat that feeling!counterattack it with more goodness..donate,read the quran,listen to the islamic talks in youtube..listen to someone reciting the quran..anything!we can do this!we can try n be persistent.let's win Allah's love back!!shall we?


Anonymous said...

Assalamu'alaikum Warohmatullah..


Jazakillah khayr..

zacky786 said...

Thanks you... :')

nik idzni dalila said...

May Allah bless insyaAllah..

Nazmi Husin said...

Salam idzni,

I am truly sorry to hear about ur condition. I didnt know about it only until today, perhaps by Allah's will. I can only imagine what u have going through and experienced. Your story had inspired and changed my perception of my own life. I hope that u will remain strong, positive and believe in Him. Do let me know if u need any help.


nik idzni dalila said...

Thank you so much for the kind words.i'm glad if you find my story beneficial.Thanks again.