Monday, September 8, 2014

the other corner of the world

you to me
is like a glimpse of the sun
in a frozen wintry day
far from a balmy streak
just enough to warm the soul
of the eyes that could see

you to me
is like a shining moon
that i'd catch a glance of
when the world suffocates me
when the heart is filled with doubt
when the tears are held in
then ease will flood in
and worries start to cease

you to this invisible me
is like a rose in the desert
beautiful to dream of
simply absurd to ask for

Never in a million years
our eyes would finally meet
Nor with a sea of tears
would drag you next to me
but at least I learned that
love is beyond wanting
love is beyond longing
love is beyond yearning
is just glimpsing
is just glancing
dreaming from afar
from the other corner of the world