Saturday, August 23, 2014

be str0ng is overrated

life takes unexpected turns.sometimes too many things happen at once so you dont have any time to wail or are too busy trying to hide the sorrow pretending that everything is fine.for what?i dont know.i guess to fulfil people's expectation.people said to me so many times, you are are the strongest person i know.i get it that they mean it good but i feel suffocated.i feel like i can't break down because everyone thinks i am strong.the tears i need to hold back just because i am expected to be strong,God knows how difficult it when someone is afflicted,it's better to say that you are praying for her,you are there if she needs you or simply just let her cry.people like us,cancer patients especially..we have a lot going on in our mind.the fear of relapsing or the fear of getting worse.the fear of leaving people behind.the fear of wanting more than you could actually have and spare us some space.give us time to cry.don't worry,we are going to pick all those pieces after we are done crying but please dont steal the only thing we can do.don't steal our chance of letting out the anger,frustration we's not like we are ungrateful.but we just need some convince just cry.