Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ramadhan is just around the corner


We are nearly going to the middle of Sha'ban and guesss whaaaat? *drumrolls* RAMADHAN IS COMING SOOON! yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...

I am so excited for this Ramadhan eventhough I have exams at that time but really i cant wait!it's the time when your spiritual side is at its best. However we have to do some preparations in order to go all out for this ramadhan. Do you know any of the marathon runners? How long did they train themselves to go for 15km run?and did they start off by doing all 15kn in one go? i doubt so. you cant possibly drive a car with 5th gear from the beginning can you?

So what we can do in order to prepare ourselves is

  1. if you havent done so, start reading the quran after each prayer. It doesnt matter if it's just a simple surah. a little but consistent deed goes a loooooooong wayy!
  2. start training yourself to fast. well for those who would be fasting in the summer like i would you know that it's gonna be about 18-19 hours right?so do some practice so that your body are used to it. the way i did it, i try to fast on monday and thursday everyweek!
  3. train yourself to wake up for sahur by waking up for qiyam.OMG you guys already know but i really want to stress here that in ramadhan you'll get thousands time the rewards you would normally get in other let's useee this!!nothing can get any better than doing what Allah loves in this month.try it.try and do just 2 or 4 rakaah and then work your wayyy up..again a little goessss a long wayy.
  4. cook!learn how to's the best opportunity for us all to learn.well it's ramadhan and you just eat proper meal once a day so why not putting a bit more effort into the dishes without spending too much money eating out?win win isnt it?
  5. forgiveness! forgive everyone that has wronged you in anyway. people say a crucial part of being happy is being able to accept apologies we never received!so growwwwwww up and let go of all the ill feelings you have.
  6. Make a lot of dua.not only for yourself but for the loved ones.and for the ummah.for syiria for palentine.for everyone.
let's do our best shall we?

O Allah I ask you to give me chance to meet Ramadhan this year and to make full use of it.

Wasalam :)