Monday, May 5, 2014

see with your heart, what your eyes cannot


How are you guys? I hope whoever is reading this insyaAllah is in the greatest state of mind and health and wealth.may Allah bless all of us.Ameen.

First of all i would like to apologize to everyone who reads my blog and finds anything that i wrote does not make sense or unsuitable or annoying or anything of some sort. this blog was once used to be just like a diary to me.i usually share the link on my fb of the post i think would benefit other people,not the personal one.if you could see,i just have 53 followers and those are mostly my close friends. those who know me would know i am kinda quite expressive when i encounter any problems. my close friends know my up to date life stories to the smallest details like what color my friend's sister wore on her wedding day?ok maybe not.

but yeah then again i am all grown up now(i hope so) and some of the things i am dealing with are not as simple as just what happened in my life concerns other people as well which at times i again i am really sorry for being too personal on this blog sharing every single details about my life.i probably won't be able to make a 180 change but i'll try and be more careful next time.i'll try my best. maybe this is how God wants to tell me,look if you have problems come to me. the blog ain't gonna help you, I would! :)
I really appreciate those who remind me of the possible wrong things i do or did.that only means that they want me to do better in life in the future.thank you :) i pray that Allah reward your kindness.

and this quote serves as a self-reminder for me!

on a different note,we are now in the months of rajab. ramadhan is just around the corner. let's use this opportunity to bring ourself closer to the almighty God, Allah shall we?



Anonymous said...

I adore how u handle the reminder..i m so sorry if u feel offended..thats not my intention..i wish u the best of luck in whatever u do :) btw i m ur silent reader and also a lady triggers me to remind u n also myself to not be too public..dont worry..u re not long as u now know what u do wrong (only at times)thats fine already..assalamualaikum n salam ramadhan soon ;)

nik idzni dalila said...

no i was not offended at all.i was just sort of experiencing the rush of feeling guilty and bad at the same's like u intended something else but it could be interpreted in so many ways and that's a bit scary to be honest.i am grateful for the reminder as it can help me to be better insyaAllah.thanks again.salam ramadhan to you too and may Allah reward all of us with his biggest mercy and blessings insyaAllah.

nik ros said...

oppsss..aku lagi la byk citer dlm blog..huhu

nik idzni dalila said...

hahahaha..lain org lain cara yuh :)