Tuesday, April 29, 2014

La Douleur Exquise

it's sad. I know but then again all of us are quite familiar with a saying that feelings cant be force, right?

I adore the courage all those people have when they told me their feelings. no matter how many times I have dealt with this issue I am yet to find an easy or justifiable method to say no without hurting anyone. However I need to be honest. you guys deserve someone who loves you genuinely considering the courage you have.

if it makes you feel better, I've been in your place. quite a few times. that's why I decided to let my heart go. denied every feelings I have. not until I am sure. and how to be sure you may ask? Love after marriage! but to be honest, I am human. I cant control how I feel. even now my heart is not in a good shape. o Allah, let me not love things that aren't written to be mine.save me from another heartbreak.letme be strong :)



Anonymous said...

i thought u should not hv become more public next time..i read your tweet.i read you blog..i know it s nothing wrong to share ur feelings but it should ve kept to ourselves.let just Allah knows our feelngs :) u keep saying u reject guys n i m sorry of their feelings..just keep between all of u k..so sorry :)) i pray for the best for u..

nik idzni dalila said...

thanks for the reminder.maybe i should :) it's just hat we're all have different approaches when it comes to dealing with some sort of situations.

nik ros said...

share feeling pun saloh ko.asl kita dop bgtau sapa orgnya, rasa ok lagi kot..tapi org lain, lain cara penerimaan.huhu

nik idzni dalila said...

hahaha..tu la yuh..xpo laa hk mano baik kito ambik :)

gabriel said...

reminds me of this quote..

Math tells us three of the saddest love stories:
1) Of parallel lines, who are never meant to meet.
2) Of tangent lines, who were together once then parted forever.
3) And of asymptotes, who could only get closer and closer, but could never be together.

- author unknown