Monday, January 13, 2014


Assalamualaikum wbt.

So i have a story to tell you guys.but before that let me explain what is the meaning of the title for this entry. The word "Tarbiyah" is an Arabic word that linguistically means increase, growth, and loftiness. Conventionally, Tarbiyah means the development and training of people in various aspects.
so my story is about the tarbiyah that we get directly from God but sometimes we did not notice it. Hopefully after this,we will open our eyes and see things beyond its physicality and look more into the reasons that lie behind all those that happen to us. Nothing happened without a reason,that one thing is for sure. that's why we need to try and look for the reason even if it seems impossible at first.

So on sunday i had to attend a meeting with a group of volunteers in's a very important meeting because it was my first time to get to know this people that i wanted to volunteer with.the organisation is called al has organised a number of islamic events in order to help muslims locally to learn more about islam. i fell in love with this kind of volunteering activity when i was in malaysia. when i took a year off and did not know what to do i decided to join mercy mission and help them organising twins of faith and being me events. it benefitted me so much that i found myself longing for the same activity when i'm back in london.

so i was given an address to go to.i was not familiar with it but usually i wouldnt have any problem since i had the address and gps in my i went to the nearest tube station(similar to lrt) and walked my way to the place following the directions given by my phone.however when i got there,the place was so quiet and i could not see anyone that looks like one of the volunteer.i did not have any number to call since it's my first time and i didnt know i went around trying to find the venue. i was touring the neighbourhood for about 15 minutes and i couldnt seem to find i looked at my phone and said to myself maybe i should email the organiser to ask for help.and at the very moment,my phone died. but the strange thing was that my battery was not even was more than half at that moment.

i was so frustrated and i wandered around not knowing what to do or where to go. i started thinking and suggesting to myself maybe i should just go home and emailed them saying that i tried to find the place but i got lost and bla bla bla..and then suddenly it occurred to me why did this happen?i mean it's not like i wanted to do bad thing.why couldnt i find the venue,why did my phone has to die in that crucial time.was my intention not fully because of Allah?was that why Allah was not helping me?
while i was trying to reason out, i felt like i need to renew my intention.astaghfirullah astaghfirullah. i tried to istighfar as much as i could.i said to myself there must be a reason why it happened this way.if Allah stopped me from going then i guess maybe that's the best for me.Allahumma yasir wala tuassir. O Allah if it's the best for me,please make it easy.while i was chanting that to my self i walked to the next street.then i saw a group of sisters who were trying to find their way as well.i asked them if they were going to the volunteer meeting and they said yes. but they also didnt know the way.however one of them had the number of a person who was already there so we finally got there in the end.Alhamdulillah.

i was so grateful.sometimes the help of Allah is so near but we forget to ask Him.we always go for other option and when we are left with nothing then we start turning to Allah. O' Allah please forgive me for not putting You on top that time. I felt so bad but really this is something to ponder upon.why would my phone die when its battery was not even low. definitely it was the tarbiyyah from Allah.He was educating me to put Him on top when i need let's this event be a reminder for you and for me in the future. Please make dua that Allah will forgive me whenever i forget and remind me again about the power of depending on Him and Him only :)

jazakallah n wallahualam