Friday, January 31, 2014


Often in our lives,we focus a lot on things that we cannot do or we cannot have.we hold grudges to people that hurt us.we live on with all these negativities.we keep on asking ourselves why are we not happy.some ask why other people seem happier.

we are all living our lives differently.but of course there're stereotypes or the ideal idea of how one should lives his/her life that the society perceive.however if you put it in your mind that Allah is the most important one to please,you'd do well.even if you have to do different things than the society expects you too.

i used to be sad thinking about things i could not do,dreams i could not have just because i am a bit different from others.i have my situation,my own bubble and in that bubble i need to forgo certain things that i really want.but even if you cant live the way other people do,it does not mean that you have to stop

i figure out that there are people who want to do things i am doing but they could i think being grateful is a way to go.i want to focus more on what i can do.

so whenever you feel like you've never had enough,try and think about what you'll lose count,trust me

not everyone gets the chance to do medicine,in london.and not everyone can go and travel to different countries.i i'm gonna look for my happiness in these two things. i want to travel and meet a lot of people.i want to be a doctor and help people in need.insyaAllah.