Friday, January 17, 2014

happy anniversary


It's been a year since that horrendous 12 hours surgery i went terrible as it might sound i think my family and close friends had it worse.why?because they were the one who waited for 12 hours and prayed that i would survive.they were the one being told by the doctors about my severe bleeding and complications.they were the one who were worried whether or not i would make it through.i was just lying in bed not feeling anything while the doctors and nurses did their best to stop the bleeding.they were standing for 12 hours just to save my life.i could never thank them enough for their efforts and sacrifices.and of course i need to thank Allah the most.for still giving me the opportunity to live which i hope would be used by me as much as possible to get to the best side of please Him and be a good servant.

if you read my last post about tarbiyyah there's another incident that occurred 2 days after that.i guess Allah really wanted me to learn to rely completely on him.i was in the lecture hall and was ready to go's maghrib time and i knew i could make it if i went home because my house was just 15 minutes the same time i can just go and pray at a friend's room i was ready to leave,i walked to the tube station then i found out that i lost my purse.maybe i left it in the i went and tried to find it but to no avail.i went to student office to ask about it but it was already closed.i was so worried and dont know what to do.i have my debit card in there and it's a hassle to call the bank and cancel the card and wait for a new card to arrive.i have my travel card as well that i've pre paid for the whole week and it was only'll cost a lot of money to buy a new one.i was restless but i knew i needed to calm i went to my friend's room and pray.well as you could imagine,i could not really concentrate during my salah.kept on thinking about the purse(how bad was that?praying but still think about the worldly matter) O'Allah please forgive me. I said to myself remember Allah said,when He afflicted you He never asked you to find solution.He asked you to find Him.

i did my istighfar and tried to contact my friend.i couldnt go home because i didnt have cash with me and i lost my travel my friend said she'll come and pick me up.then i suddenly remembered about security.maybe they have it?so while waiting for my friend i went to the building and asked the security.and they had my purse.i was so glad.alhamdulillah.Allah really has His own unique way in training me to rely on Him which i kept failing miserably but i did learn afterwards.i hope after this 2 occasions I will deal with this kind of test brilliantly next time.Thank you Allah thanks for every lesson i learned.alhamdulillah