Wednesday, December 25, 2013

love (:

staring at the crossroad
i am bewildered
not knowing what lies ahead
and too scared to simply follow through
i never wanted to hurt
but neither can i pretend
love is not simple
as just to pick what i want

when love is such a luxury
i know right away
i dont want to spend
the wealth i never had
and i dont want to break
a decent heart that cares

i am grateful for the hearts that are willing to offer me protection but i just cant think about it right now.i guess my heart has become went through so much pain that it cant detect any more of it.i know how much courage you guys have gathered in order to let me know how you feel but not until i am sure it's the battle that i could put my entire heart in,i would not say yes.i just doesnt matter how my heart feels,i just dont want to drag anyone into this pool of pain.for me to survive the present i abandoned the thought of my future.that's why i cant afford to be thinking about the future. not until it comes knocking on my door,i'll leave love down my priority list.



ladyjaja said...

remind me of " A walk to remember"

go idzni, awak kuat. :)

nik idzni dalila said...

thank youuuuu