Wednesday, September 4, 2013

my everything

Today i have to bid farewell to my everything!yes my family.i've been spending a year with them and it feels so weird leaving like this.that past year has been the toughest one yet the most beautiful year i have ever had.i'm loved by so many and their love makes everything that seems hard become i have to leave.i have to go and sort my life out.i'm glad for whatever that i went's hard but definitely worth opened my eyes to the blessings that i never noticed before.(this was written when i was transitting in the singapore airport)

i have been attending classes since yesterday eventhough i am not officially is the day,the important one when i have to go and meet the occupational health officer.and the officer will then decide whether or not i can stay and continue my studies.if it's not too much to ask for,please pray that everything will be just allright for me.

well, i've always said that doing medicine is not what i want but rather i was just trying to please my father.however when things happen this way i find myself realising that i really want to be a's true that when u start to lose something then you will realise how worthy it was in ur life.just because u have it easy does not mean you have to take things for granted-quoted (:

i hope i will appreaciate what i have more in the future