Thursday, September 12, 2013


alhamdulillah.i cant express how happy i am today.i can now officially join the medical school again.i am a 3rd year uolls..haha.the occupational health officer,the deans, everyone is so supportive and they assure me that they will try their best so that i will be able to finish this mbbs course without so much difficulty.

"we are here to support you,provide you with every means that we can so that you can continue your study..."

speechless! they are so nice and i am so grateful that God send me these kind people to help me get on with my life.

i am a bit scared to meet the GP here.not scared of the GP but i am scared that they might wanna put me on chemotherapy treatment!well,let's just hope they'll offer the best treatment for me.

thank you Allah for making everything so easy for me.thank you for always being there for me,days and night, whenever.. really! (: i'll do well insyaAllah.i'll study hard!