Thursday, August 22, 2013

an update from the land of the kangaroos

assalamualaikum everyone!

i cant believe i am finally here visiting the best friend of mine since we met in college!being here in oz as well as going to thailand few weeks ago make me happy!it's like an escape after a year of going back and forth to the hospital..well how am i doing?alhamdulillah i am happy..and that is the best gift in this be happy and to accept what God has planned for wise according to the doctor i am in last stage with multiple bone metastases.sound scary isnt it?as i said before i'd like to look at it from a bright side.maybe i am stronger than i think i was so that's why Allah gives me this kind of test.He wont test a soul more than it could bear.that is like my mantra all the time when i face difficulties.yes in a medical report i am in last stage but alhamdulillah i am still not feeling any i have decided to insyaAllah continue my studies..pray for me will you?i need to be doing my health check before my uni accepts me as its student and it is scheduled to be done on 10/9/2013..hopefully everything will go as smoothly as possible..there are so much i need to do but i'll do it slowly.all in all i have Allah to rely on right.make a lot of duas for me please and insyaAllah i'll always pray for those who do me good or bad to be rewarded because anyhow you guys play a big role in shaping who i am today.if i wasnt hurt,i might not know how to appreciate happiness..i actually dont know whether i deserve this kindness but surely Allah is so Great that He sends me a lot of amazing friends and not to forget my family members too,to help comforting and supporting me at times like this.i think i am the luckiest person,atleast in my own opinion :p lotsa love from me and thank youuuu for your duas..may all of us be guided in a right way!may Allah bless!


OLC classmates.. ;p said...

slm idzni!
long time no see u, really.
sorry for not knowing what u have gone thru..
i pray to Allah that He will give u the strength to overcome all the tests He gives u. may all the trials, pains makes us more closer to Him. insyaAllah. fighto-oh idnzi! :)

nik idzni dalila said...

olc classmate?haha u should be more precise with ur identity..thank you so much for ur prayers..may Allah bless your good intention and may us all be guided in the right path..alhamdulillah Allah keep on giving me people like you guys to cheer me up..thank youu (:

shknhssn. said...

Cantiknya Idzni! InsyaAllah, u'll get better. This too shall pass kan? Semoga semuaaaaaaa ujian ni, di penghujungnya Allah akan bg reward yg manis untuk Idzni. :))

nik idzni dalila said...

hahaha thank youuu adik manisss..yesss indeed this will pass insyaAllah..Amin Amin..Idzni pun harap benda yang sama..surely ade hikmah semua ni jd kan..doakan idzni supaya mampu sabar (: rinduuuu tu jumpa almaz n then jumpa atie..ashee n shikin xjumpa!

Anonymous said...