Thursday, June 27, 2013


****Maria loves Amer so much that even though she knows that it is just a one sided love,she decides to love him dearly,she gives him all her heart as well as all her senses too.when she finds out that Amer is getting a death threat from his close relative due to some disagreement about how is the fairest way to divide his father's wealth,maria becomes so worried and thinks about how she could help.due to listening so much on Bruno mars grenade song she instead of wanting to 'take a bullet for him' decides to put the bullet in the head of the relative. everyone is shocked but upon questioning she says that she do it out of love.
then does that makes love a bad thing?***

this is just a story i made to actually help me in explaining about my points in this post. And the bruno mars song has nothing to do with it.. :) i am going to give my opinion regarding what happened in London few weeks ago.i know it's not that recently but i heard that few Muslims have been attacked in few countries due to this issue. the woolwich incident was definitely something inhumane and there is no reason this world that would fairly justify what has happened.however to blame us all the Muslims for this is not fair.let's go back to the story above.if i were to say that everyone that loves should be blamed for what she did,you would say that i'm insane,wouldn't you? then why some people love to put the blame on Muslims just because the criminal said that he did that for his religion.If his interpretation of Islam is different from us the majority Muslims then should he be considered as someone that could represent Muslims? just like Maria,her interpretation of love is probably doing whatever to protect the one she loves but do we agree that it is the idea of 'love' that represents what we think it is?i don't think so.
i am so disappointed with those who think too shallow and decided to attack any Muslims for revenge. it does not take a genius to understand this whole concept and yet there are still people who blindly act their ways for the sake of so called justice.

to be honest if there is a person who should be angry at this incident,it should be us the Muslim. Why?not only a fellow human being is killed but our religion is being misunderstood when we already spent years in trying to convince people to not be afraid of Islam. this ruins everything.just because a Muslim said that he did something for his religion does not mean that he represents everyone.just because maria thinks that love means doing anything to protect Amer still it does not justify her action of killing isnt it?so if we were to judge everyone that loves, to have the tendency to kill then what are we implementing? please don't judge Islam by what Muslims do because there will always be  black sheep in any religion. i do hope that we wont hear any further attack on Muslims especially to the women.let's be good to one another and live peacefully (:


Anonymous said...

hi i plan to do my a level in kyuem with my trial u feel free to write an entry abt pros n cons abt studying in there?it would be amazing if u re willing to do so in this holy month of ramadhan (: anyway,u re student intake jan or july? thanks :)

nik idzni dalila said...

i will do it asap sorry i just read ur comment (: