Monday, April 1, 2013

time does fly!

few days ago i decided to go to's been so long since i last came here and i was quite excited to see my 2 nieces.i used to come here very often till i got into college.seeing my 2 nieces now have grown into lovely teenagers really makes me think how quick time has gone by.i mean i was there when they were born and now they are like as tall as i am (dont question my height please).

have you ever heard the saying that when we are growing up we forget that our parents are growing old?this post is mainly about family and how important it is for us to realise that we have to take the time to actually cherish our moments with the family as much as we possibly could.why?because death waits for no one.

i still remember how i foolishly thought that being young mean I'll live longer than my parents. it was last june when my dad was diagnosed with heart condition.90% of his left heart vessels were blocked and the doctor suggested a bypass surgery. i was revising for my final exam at that moment when i received the broke me into pieces,as small as you can ever imagine.i was scared. it was my father who wanted me to do medicine.i sat down asking God to atleast let him see me graduating and allow him to watch me in my white coat.Little that i know 2 months later I was diagnosed to have an illness which can be linked directly with not having so much time either.i thought about it a lot.maybe at those times when i prayed for my father's health,i forget that death isnt directly proportional to age.i might be young but who knows.
so let's not think that we're going to live longer than the other and start to appreciate people around us shall we?

i spent quite a lot of time with my parents recently and i discovered something.their love are unconditional and they love us genuinely.this unselfish love made me regret those times i might have hurt them.what's the point of thinking about yesterday when i still have now to cherish right?so i made up my mind,for whatever time I or THEY have left,I'm gonna try my best to actually be a good daughter.I dont want them to worry about me anymore.i have great siblings too.we have our own ways of expressing love to one another but when i was hospitalised,i can really see how they actually care abt me.i always whine about the love i've never had but seriously now i think i should be grateful for the love i have all along.since i was born :)
 my dad is turning 70 this year and my mom is going to be 65 this august.

i just hope that I'll be the daughter they would want to have,the one that makes them happy I promise!
this sept i'll be in london again and i hope i wont forget this!