Monday, January 2, 2012

my lovely family :D

when i was born,i didnt have silver spoon in my mouth. sometimes i wonder how is this fair.growing up in a simple family.i wasnt being pampered with those branded clothes or expensive stuff. we lived rather a simple yet a need-to-be-grateful life. as we go on,as the time passes i learn bit by bit and i come to realize that it's good that's perfect actually,the plan that God has for each and everyone of us.we just cudnt see it.

i always question myself..or probably just wondering how would it be like if i was a daughter of a very wealthy i gonna be like who i am right now.i bet no.the more i think about it,the more grateful i've become.i might not have the best family in the world but i have more than what i need.i have the perfect one for me.i have a family that i really love.

we ate simple food, mom cooked whenever she's free but most of the time she didnt so we ended up with simple menus like fried chicken or probably just friend eggs with soysauce. but who cares. mom's food is always the best ad nothing beats that. i probably have a bit more money living in london but seriously i would rather choose those simple food rather than the delicious yet unhealthy food i'm having in london right now.but yeah i'm glad for what i have now,it's just that i wanna say nothing beats the food i've grown with no matter how simple it sounds for some people.

we might not have all the money in the world but the love we share is definitely worth millions of any currency u can find in this world.i love how my parents look at money as once said,if we had a lot of money,we're gonna get more questions on how we obtain and use it in the she rather choose to have just enough so that we could dad,even though he hasnt been working since he got married to my mom,the issue of whose superior than the other has never surfaced in our mom respects my dad as a leader of the family although all the money come from my mom.i salute that! as their children i used to wonder why my dad didnt work but i guess that never changed the way i view him.he's still a man whose responsibility is to take care of us thus he needs to be respected.whatever decision he made,he must have his own reason and i think it's better that way.

i have 7 siblings and i'm the youngest one.yes to be honest, we quarreled a lot when we were little. i never knew that after years and years we have become a big happy family. each and everyone of us stands by one another during he hardest phase in live. be it relationship problems or problems with studying or working.we'll find a way to at least make one another feels better.i'm glad for the fact that when one of my sister is trying to find a job,everyone is trying their best to help out,sending resumes to all the friends.thinking about this makes me go all teary. we've grown up! well i guess it's all because of the way our parents taught us that makes us one. now i got the answers for all my questions. God didnt give me the family i've been dreaming of to have..the wealthy family that everyone wanna be in but instead He gave me a wonderful perfect family,more than i expected! yes it takes time to realise all these but seriously i'm learning to love my family more and more each day.whatever i have,i feel like i wanna share with them. wherever i go,i feel like i wanna bring them to those places one day. and i'm glad that i realise it now.

so i'm gonna make a big shout out here,dear my lovely family members, just so u know i appreciate ur existence in my life and i'm gonna love you guys forever and i hope whatever happens we're gonna stay as and forever. to ma and ku, thank you for raising me as such so that now i know that money isnt everything!i'll bear that in mind :D