Monday, November 28, 2011


well the most common reason which hold people back from achieving their dreams is uncertainty. we are afraid of those risks that may arise if we took the road less travelled. but i have to say in life nothing is more interesting than doing something because you want to do it not because you think you should do it because everyone does.

life's gonna be boring if we were to do every single thing that other people say is good for us. once in a while,doing something foolish or random, or doing something that can make your heart beats faster can make you feel a different side of live. in the end these experiences are going to make you smile in your old days.

for me when i really want to do something i will try my best.atleast even if it's not meant to happen they way i really want it to,i'm happy that atleast i put an effort rather than just wondering of what might happen if i did.what if is a killer question.sometimes it makes you regret not taking chances while you still stop wishing,stop hoping,get up and make it real.even if it hurts when you dont get what you wan, deep down you know you've stand for what you call it a dream but maybe God has a different plan.a better one as always.

it takes a lot of courage but seriously if something you want is really great then it wont come as easy as you wish.otherwise you would not want it so badly i bet. take chances,put aside your pride and face your that girl.that girl with confident.someone who knows exactly what she wants in her life. dont settle down for something good when you know you deserve better.girls,dont underestimate yourself.

P/S i did something really crazy few weeks back and i'm glad i did it.i still dont know how it might turn out but atleast i'm out of the what if phase :)