Friday, October 7, 2011

2nd year

first of all i'd like to say alhamdulillah,thank you Allah for giving me the chance to proceed to 2nd year in medical school despite of so many obstacles.i'm very grateful that i choosed this's like an eye opener for me about can happen anytime without we knowing it..arteries can just burst n causing stroke or myocardial infarction which lead to death..or even a small wound can be fatal when it comes to getting bacteria in your blood and cause septic shock or blood poisoning.

2nd year,it's gonna be hard.people say it's the hardest phase in medical school.all pathologies and diseases as well as the treatments and drugs for them are being cramped in one year course.deeper anatomy knowledge is required means more things to be memorised.just thinking about this makes me go like whaaaat?why i need to learn so many things?self hypnosis-thousands of people pass medical school and now are working as doctors..i can do it as well insyaAllah..i try to suppress the tiny little thought i have about 'quite a number drop out or get kicked out from this course'

doctors, a very noble job i must my journey to become one,i want to improve myself.i want to be better each day.i will have to deal with people's lives,trying hard to meet people's expectation in saving them from the most scary things that could aver happen to oneself-falling sick.but to come to think of it it does good to me as's a good lesson that i can learn especially when dealing with serious illnesses. it can happen to anyone.i hope that each day that i spend learning medicine will change me,making me a better person than i was yesterday.i kinda fall in love with this course little by little..falling's true that people say u cant love something u never knew n now by engaging myself in this medical world for a year,i guess it isnt bad at all..all it takes is just hardwork.n doa..Dear God,please help me to go through this phase in my life.i can never thank Him enough for what i've received :)

there are so many things i want to do this year apart from completing my 2nd year.i will update it here..heeeeee :)