Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Sometimes you meet someone n bfore u know their name, bfore u even know where they're from, u know that sometime in the future this person is
going to mean something to u- quoting my best friend

well sometimes it does happen that way you know..maybe coz i'm the one who hardly fall for someone i've already be friend with.none of them,they whom i liked were my friend..that's just the way it is for could you fall for a friend?? whenever i met or being introduced to a stranger i always have in mind how i want thing to run between us..normal friend or something more.

and i think being 20 i learn a lot of things.there are limits in expressing ourselves in social network.i used to think guy who can actually go public about his feeling is cool but now i'd like to change that..i dont need the whole world to know about what's happening in my personal life.i'd like to keep it as a secret from now on.