Thursday, September 8, 2011

6 days to go :)

another 6 days to be spent wisely before heading back to side of me is jumping excitedly for the fact that i'll get faster internet connection so that i can enjoy the korean shows i've been missing a lot lately. and of course the other one is quite lazy i might have to say..ahaha..i'm so lazy to go into 2nd year coz i know this is the hardest phase of being a medical student..oh dear God,please help me go through this..pleaaase :)

i'm planning to change a few things in this blog, so i might make it private next week for few days..why next week?BINGO!faster internet connection again will make my work easier..hehe..wait for the renovation! :)

well lately i felt blessed when i could meet few people that are important to me.never knew that ur story will be quite similar to us,having to part and live separately i do hope that the friendship being share will always stay the same :)

i owe an apology to a guy i met on a plane few weeks back.well i'm not one of those who really know how to say no when people ask for my number in how do i do that right?that's the only reason i gave it be honest i thought it wasnt wrong to be friend but as far as i'm concern,you do intend to go beyond friendship.that makes me uncomfortable and that's the reason for me not replying any text.

it's nothing about enjoying being single or having my heart with's just that the right one has yet to come. n when he has, the instinct will say so :)

have a good day everyone..enjoy the rest of ur holidays. i shall upgrade my blog beautifully next week :)


anati said...

Alahmak. Don't make it private lah. Nanti saya nak baca apa :( Saya follower setia tauuuu. Have a good day to you too, Idzni. And have a safe flight later on! :)

nik idzni dalila said...

hahaha..lawak laaah..nnt public kn balik..heeeeeeeeeeee..thanks ati..ntah bilaaa dpt jumpa lg!