Wednesday, August 17, 2011

mak cakap

warning-this is going to be an emotional heart/love related post!!

It's like a rubber band. Two ends pull. And when one lets go. It hurts the one that held on. i just like this has nothing to do with my post.

having a crush over someone for almost a year makes me wonder what's gonna happen in the future.maybe that's the reason why i cant seem to accept anyone else in my heart..not for now maybe. but why did i let it last this long? it's not easy to stop your heart from liking someone,isnt it? but one thing for sure,because this guy i like is a great guy,the one that will be able to "steal" me from him would be way better right?i wish to think that's why i'm in no rush.if it comes then it's fine,if not then probably it will few years's not that i want to get married now right?hehe.. well i was having a quite serious conversation with my parents about future husband criteria a month ago.

what did they say?
choose anyone that i want to fall in love and they wont interfere but just do this for them..include iman in ur wish list and we will forever be in peace. it's hard for parents to actually give their daughter to just anyone.but my mom says that if i can get someone that has iman with him,she can assure me that my life will be happy. well to be honest i myslef is not good enough to dream of having such a great groom to be but it's undeniably true!what my mom said is definitely right. i wish to be that i can dream of fulfilling my parents' wish :)