Monday, August 22, 2011

pack pack pack

hello guys..ahaha..ok this post is specially dedicated to those who will take off to uk real soon..are you guys excited?mixed feelings?yes,no?hehee.. i'll try to be brief here.just wanna share what should you pack in those huge suitcase you probably havent bought just yet.this is very important as you are going to live far away from a land that most of the food are halal and easy to get ready peeps.there are a lot of things you can get in uk but there are some that i doubt you can find it if you are that kind of person who cant survive without eating your fav dishes,you better go and learn how to cook it. and one thing about cooking,you need to know how to use alternative ingredients,as i said just now,not all can be found there :)

what to pack?let's do this :)

  • clothes?if u r a brand conscious type of person,just pack max 7 days worth of clothes.the rest you can just shop there.branded clothes are quite cheap as compared to here in malaysia but for me it's still expensive(i dont go for brand)..but to those who loves rm20-rm40 ish clothes,u need to shop in malaysia!because here you have more choices..
  • food?ikan bilis is the most important thing u wanna bring if you like nasi lemak so much coz a plate of simple nasi lemak can cause you £8=rm4o?'s true..other things like dried chili,shrimp paste and even budu,u can get it there(particularly in london).chicken cube/stock..bring as much as you like coz it's hard to find a halal one there..nasi goreng paste-maybe a week or two weeks worth..why?because at first usually u'll be too busy to cook anything more than fried rice..ahaha
  • go buy brahims paste for guys..ahaha..if you need a simple step to cook,go ahead..just need to put that paste in some water and chicken n taraaaaaaaaaa!siap already..hehe
  • rice cooker?but the smallest it here cozt it is quite expensive there..
  • maggie?esp ruski or mee sedap..get it as much as you like coz you wont find it there..ade je maggi tp jenama lain..
  • go eat kangkung goreng belacan as much as you love coz one plate of that can cost you £7..hmm i never ordered that during last 9 months i was there..
  • undergarments? ahhaha..yes go buy it..a year worth of's hard to find a good one there-a good one with no size?you can do that if u want :p
  • quran-dont forget about this important precious kitab ok :)
  • shoes?no need..just wear one and shop the rest.
  • kalau suka buat roti jala bawak benda kuning tuh :p
that's it kot..okpmpuan bwk tudung and brooch byk2..tdg kt sane xstylo mylo mcm msia..brooch lak mahal..ahaha :))

all the best packing..ahaha :P


Aizuddin Abdul Hamid said...

salam. kak fly bila? tarikh?

nik idzni dalila said...

15th sept dik..adik?

Aizuddin Abdul Hamid said...

owh,, tiket 26 sept,, tp tu pun awal, uni start 7oct =.=