Wednesday, August 10, 2011

oh Allah

u know my name not my story,u know what i've done but not what i've been through.

i believe time will heal.i know someday this heart would be back in it use to be.loser,pathetic, blind. call me whatever but surely i've learned from my mistake. yes i am not being able to sincerely forgive every single thing but i know one day i can achieve that. in the mean time,each day that pass me by.i'll try to let them take away bit by bit of those painful dark stain in my heart. i can smile happily but no one knows what's happening inside.

when oneself was given a chance to experience pain,it's GOD's way of saying i'm here for is HIS way of calling me to go back to him.i'm that kind of person.a person that constantly need reminders so that i wont go wrong.why am i like this?like riding on a roller coaster.why cant i be close to you most of the do i do to make things right?how do i get closer to you.oh Allah.please please i beg you.let me be close to me oh help me please.if it's not too much to ask for, i just need a person to help me be right on track.a friend, a sister, someone that can help me to find my way back to your love oh Allah.

i really miss you,i miss your love. i miss the time when i did not worry about anything coz of my faith that u'll always be around..Ya Allah berilah petunjuk pada hambamu ini.jadikanlah ramadhan ini sbg bln yg akan membantuku memebersihkan segala kekotoran yang ada di hati ini..dekatkanlah aku denganMu