Tuesday, August 23, 2011


people have been asking me too many times,why do i like kpop and korean dramas so much?well from my point of view they are good.they do not just depend on their looks to succeed,the work hard as well.yes no doubt they are good looking..in fact the most important criteria the companies in korea look for when finding new talent is look.then they will be trained for years to become good at dancing,singing or playing instruments.they have to go through a lot before they get to debut and that's why i think most of them are really good.they do not just dance half heartedly..anything they do,they put their hearts in it.so for me those who work hard deserve my attention. why dont i like mpop(malaysian version of kpop)..if u watch how they dance,they are nothing compare to the real kpop.the dance moves are not sharp,it seems that they just depend on look only..sorry for being quite harsh but i'm telling the truth.if any group in malaysia do work hard and show their best,people will support..for example VIP..they are good at dancing,they did not announce to the world that they are kpop but when being asked they said they kinda get the idea from the south korean idols as well.because they are good,no one actually condemn VIP..so it's not that we are not being appreciative enough for our local talents but they do need to prove to us that they really worth our attention :)