Sunday, August 14, 2011

dah kt rumah!

esok dah 15hb so that means we're half way through ramadhan..aiyooo..cpt kan mase berlalu. to come to think of it, what did i do during this 1st half of ramadhan.did i do enough?did i actually do something that can be counted as meaningful?
oh well,lets not question too much. another 15 days should be filled with something more aite?kwn2 ayuh sama2..hehe..

i came home ths afternoon after spending about one month going here and there.the feeing of being home is very special esp during ramadhan.

i have my own goals to achieve and i really hope that i'll stick to it..byk betul benda nk buat tp satu2 lah kate drastic changes ni ssh nk kate jg kalau nk bnda tu jd habit buat hari2 for 23(xtau knp org ckp 23) kali..nnt jd habit n senang dah nk buat..boelh laah try ape yg org kata ni kan..sbb dr sndr punya ilmu mcm sgt sgt sgt xckp..haih..