Friday, July 15, 2011

2 in 1

some things are best left unsaid!
there are 2 issues that i'm going to write about in this single post..2 in 1 laa kiranya..

well the first thing is triggered by the real experience that occurred in my friend's life.i'm not gonna write too long about this but this is very very important for guys to know.girls dont wait forever!when she has given you the chance and you blew it,then the same chance would not come ever again. that's why there is a saying 'you can push a girl away as hard as you want up till she leaves by herself but be careful coz most of the time,when she's gone she isnt coming back'. yes, no matter how strong you think her feeling be honest the deeper she loved you, the harder it would be for her to come back.

we, girls often look pathetic when we face the breaking up phase.we cry,we mourn over things too long sometimes. but do you know why and what we do during that period of time? we went to pick up every pieces of us that you've broken so that we can buried all of them and the memories we shared properly.that's why when we finally say a real goodbye to those things, no matter how hard we plead for you to come back before,we really mean it. a real goodbye takes time but after it has been done,there's no turning back.

so guys the only time that seems possible for you to get ur second chance is only during first few weeks after break up..dont come out of nowhere after few years just to explain things and mend the broken doesnt work that way..for my friend's case,she was strong enough to recover when things go wrong a year ago.i was there.i witnessed how hard it was for her.we shared tips and ways on how to let go and move on. and after she finally has moved on, he came and wanted to claim his second chance.and of course what he got was only a broken've got you chance and you did not appreciate it,so now she's giving another guy the chance and i think this guy deserves the chance! :)

the second thing is about a wedding being cancelled few days before the day.
i cant imagine how i would react if i were to be in that person's shoe.OMG.i think that is the main reason why my parents dont like engagement. but even if there's no engagement the groom to be can still cancel the wedding as well right?bila cakap ni ngn ma,ma cakap tu lah paling penting kalau nak pilih husband cari yang pgg pd agama..janji yang dimenterai pasti akan ditepati sedaya upaya..semoga Allah memberi ketenangan kepada sesiapa sahaja yang perkahwinannya dibatalkan di hari2 terakhir.pasti ade hikmah disebalik ape yang this world there would always be people who are not confident with their decision or even worse are scared to take risk or make any decision.sometimes it's better that way..mungkin kita xnampak tp mgkin perkahwinan dengan orang yang pendirian tidak tetap dan menganggap perkara se serius ini sebagai perkara kecil tidak akan membawa bahagia..anggaplah Allah dah selamatkan anda dari derita rumah tangga yang tidak utuh..malu memang malu tapi pasti ade hikmahnye..have faith in HIM and HIS plan (: