Tuesday, June 21, 2011


people take relationship for granted nowadays. they start it when they feel like it and end it just the same way.call me uncool but playing with someone's heart is not unavoidable! being handsome and a sweettalker at the same time are not advantages!

me being single doesnt mean i'm in need of a bf right now.yes if fate is saying that i will get one now,i cant do anything about that.but what i'm trying to say is why people love to use short cut when it comes to this matter.if we're being serious about things we are going to do,we would definitely choose very carefully and not just picking anyone just because he/she is cute or pretty or handsome right?

getting to know the other person is a must before u decide on anything,even if u just wanna be fren with that person.org ckp kalau kwn ngn org jual minyak wangi kita dpt bauan dia kalau kawan org buat besi nnt dpt percikkan besi tuh..so kawan pun kena pilih ok!

dont trust people too easily..ye lah..org ckp bila kita tgh2 sedih ke ape ke kena open up laaa get to know orang lain laaa bla bla bla..tp kena hati2 jugak..jgn main bantai je ye kakak2 abg2 kt luar sane..sy xmenolak org ckp ramai jea manusia kawin jumpe kt fb..kakak sy pun ade..n ade jg kakak sy yg jmpe di alam cyber(xsemestinya fb)..tp again kawan2 ku yg tersayang be careful..even a person that u've known for few years can break ur heart how could you possibly trust someone u know over the internet kan kan?

kpd kwn sy yg sudah dikecewakan tu,lek ah weh..chill2..mesti ade sbb when someone cannot make it to ur future..been there,done that..lelame mgkin kau akn rase bersyukur plak bnda jd cmni tau x..percayalah..ahahaha