Saturday, June 11, 2011

raining :)

it was raining
that day when i came to a junction
bewildered on which path to take
to play safe or to take risk
to enjoy the presence
or to predict the future
to unfold the confusion
or to let the future keeps its mystery

then i choosed
the one with unrevealed challenges
putting all the hope based on trust
and dreamed of it to become the wisest choice ever

when the lightning struck
the castle built in the air
started to fall
faking a smile
not gonna reveal the misery

a year has passed
i regretted it once
but now i think my choice was never wrong
tears wash the eyes clean
and help me see
the real beauty of life
taught me to appreciate
what i have rather than what i think i could have

it's raining now
reminiscing the past
i realize how strong it has turned me to
bit by bit
the hatred fades
and the smile has now became more sincere

Ps: rasa sudah lama tiada dendam makin padam