Sunday, June 5, 2011

oh my oh my

i'm allergic to people that dont even have the gut to admit who they are but bluntly throwing harsh comments and opinion without knowing the real situation.well yes in life of course there are times when we disagree with someone. i believe that all of us are born smart enough to adequately have the knowledge to at least know what we've said will hurt other people. why we still choose to act that way?do we enjoy watching people in despair?

just one word being said carelessly may affect other people so badly,sometimes it can be beyond your imagination.i watched a variety show was about a person who has lost her will to live due to some circumstances.and there was a person,doing it for fun i guess wrote this to her..why are u still here,just go and die. and she did consider about committing suicide. we all know that when we're under stress and everything seems upside down and we feel like there's nothing we could do to make things better,we tend to be more vulnerable towards this kind of inappropriate comment. the rational mind of us may not be functioning well at that moment and anything could happen just because of that few words being said by someone who did not even know this person,not knowing what she has been through.

i'm not writing to show that i'm such and angel but just so u know that sometimes we take things for granted. we think that what we do is nothing but it can shatter someone's world in just a blink of an eye.not trying to ask everyone to try to understand one's situation as well but for me if you dont know anything it's better not to say rather than babbling around feeling proud of hurting people.

at times i did have a-slip-of-the-tongue moments when i say something or do something that hurt other people,in fact i did that a lot i think.realising how big the impact could be,i'd love to at least try not to repeat the same mistake again.let's do this together! and to those people who feel or think that i've done something inappropriate towards you,i sincerely apologise. i'm a normal person,i make mistake but i hope i learn from my mistake..


syahmi said...

Maybe theres more important things for him to consider. Rather than giving false hope to her maybe? Btw, selamat pulang. :)

nik idzni dalila said... ape kaitan ngn entry ni?haha..sorry dumb blonde moment..thanks!