Thursday, June 23, 2011

how to be happy?

a simple recipe on how to be happy. life can be simple but it depends on how you take it.
let's see what completes my life which leads to happiness
1.My family of course. well i might not be born with a silver spoon in my mouth but i'm grateful for the fact that i have them as my family.sometimes ade jugak gaduh2 adk beradik but one thg for sure is that i knw that we do care about one another. friends. i have a lot of good frens around gilaaa kot ade ramai kawan yg boleh cter ape jea kt diorg.kdg2 tu bkn slalu sgt jmpe tp once jumpa we can go on talking for hours updating one another :D
3.korea! this is how i spend my free time.variety shows,kpop dance,drama and movies..all about korea!why?coz they're soo cute and handsome..the shows can make me laugh my lungs out :p ..i'm just soo craaazy about current obsession is their make up natural look,very elegant :D oh my oh can make me happy..i can be soo excited especially when i get to eat the food that i've been craving for such a long time
5.songs. i enjoy listening to songs that i can relate myself to :D
6.exercise. i love it when i'm sweating..ahaha..idk why..
7.mask!i love to treat myself by applying masker to my face..relax and listen to sentimental relaxing that cud be!try it..i like it..rase best bila tgk org mkn :D

byk jea cara nak happy kan..sume mslh dunia tuh letak je tepi..bia lah pemimpin2 dunia yg settle kan..hidup xksh kn bnda2 xpntg ni best..percayalah :D