Sunday, June 19, 2011

deal with it

men are from mars and women are from venus? ridiculous,isnt it?we're from earth,DEAL WITH IT! it's undeniable that we're different.yeah coz we're made to complete one another right*cheesy*

well i came across a blog which has this in it

There is a woman behind every successful man, and there is a jerk behind every strong and independent woman

there's a woman behind every successful man but there's a jerk behind every strong and independent woman. what do you think? well dont get me wrong.i'm not saying that every woman is kind and great and all guys is a jerk. coz it takes a great woman to be able to support a man to be successful. and regarding the jerk,well some of them can actually paralyze a woman completely,not being able to stand up and move on in life.

but one thing we have to keep in mind is that when a person is already at the top of the mountain,the only thing he can do is just maintaing the position and be careful not to be pushed down. but when we are at the lowest part what is left to do is just climb or probably wait for death to come *analogi melampau*

be it a guy a lady a girl or a boy.we have our own life and to be honest sometimes not having someone to support or not having a jerk to urge the strength gene to manifest are kinda blissful..note the 'sometimes' :D