Friday, June 3, 2011


full of love?too korean i guess..haha..woke up quite early this morning coz i need to clean up my room and pack pack pack..3 days before i'm off to malaysia..yeay..looking forward to it so badly..warning to my family in malaysia:dont ever comment on my weight or skin unless u guys dont want any souvenirs from london..hahahhahahahahhahahaha

when i was cleaning something came up..i would never ever put any carpet in my future could trap so much dirts and obviously not good for respiratory system..hahhaha..medic freak?'s just that when it comes to something that u know is bad for your health,u shud avoid doing it right??so future husband no no no never never never ever dream on having a carpet in our house yoooo!haha

last nite i had quite a serious talk with the girls.we talk about future plans,what would happen to us in 5 years time or so.time flew so feels like it was yesterday when i was complaining why my preparation was set for two years realising now it was all over and i'm at the end of my 1st year in uni already. as much as i want to graduate early,cant wait to get this 5 years over with,still i dont want it to pass too quickly for responsibilities lying ahead looks so scary now.

4months of holidays?what should i doooo? gets shorter each year so i should make use of every free time i have now..sayonara to medic stuff for four months :D