Wednesday, June 1, 2011



This was in 2007.i was in form 5.look at those obvious chin.there was less fat around that area..i think i weighed about 40 kg at that time..

Then TADAAAAAAAAAA...after spm i grew cheek got chubbier coz i gained 8kg during the long break.this was my 1st few months in KYUEM.look at that double chin i had..aigooooo T.T
Then i got slimmer and idont know how i did that..back to 40kg this second year in KYUEM
This is my 1st week in london..before anything got worse..i think i weighed 41 kg this time.
this was after i gobbled up everything london has to offer..omg..i gained 6-7 kg this time..back to 'after spm' phase tension T.T

this is my current picture..weighing about bmi is in the border line between underweight and normal..well it's healthy but i just want to lose those fats around my cheeks,chin and a few other area.but how laaa?going back to malaysia soon so cannot diet sbb rindu mknn malaysia..arghhhhhhhhh...n muka skg byk gilaaa jerawat..tension seyh..hahahhaha