Friday, June 3, 2011

10 reasons you should not fall in love with me

  1. i complain a lot.a lot and i dont think anyone can bear to listen to me well.
  2. i'm really mean. when i have something else to do or some unfinished work i would just ignore anyone.ANYONE!
  3. i'm narcissist. i love to think that i'm pretty.
  4. i'm selfish. everything needs to follow my way.
  5. i get annoyed easily.
  6. i'm allergic to sweet talkers. when someone says something sweet or try to flirt,i would just ignore or go offline or turn on the silent mode for my phone
  7. i hate people who are nice to me(probably coz i think they treat me well for reasons)
  8. i'm vain.i think everyone who says hi in fb chat or msgs me thru fb likes me-so i tend not to reply coz i really hate when people say i give false hope.
  9. i fall in love easily so i might easily fall out of love as well.
  10. i'm gemuk and muka banyak gilaaaa jerawat..pi cari pmpuan yg flawless and kurus,kan bahagia hidup.

here you go 10 reasons why you should not like this girl named NIK IDZNI DALILA..haha..she's just a person that is so hard to deal with so dont waste ur time. i really mean this.
it's a lie if i say i dont need smone in my life.i do or probably i will do.but seriously i suck when it comes to relationship. so in order not to hurt anyone anymore,not to be said giving false hope, i give an early warning to everyone.IDZNI sucks,just go find another girl ok..
i appreciate all the effort being done to become close to me,i do notice everything but i could not acknowledge it for some personal reasons,i do feel bad when i ignore people but isnt it the best way to help you guys move on?no,never ever trust the saying which says,dont give up and things will come your way..just give up. i'm so scared that i would come to a point when i'd be completely annoyed.


Aizuddin Abdul Hamid said...

akak ni x sihat ke??? =.=

nik rosmawati said...

i'm narcissist. i love to think that i'm pretty.

hahaha..ini btol...istilah melayunya bajet lawa.

nik idzni dalila said...

adin..hahahha..awat nyaaaa?sihat je..alhamdulillah..
k.yuh-tau xpe..hahaha..ku sedar akan kenyataan itu :P