Sunday, June 26, 2011

duhai hati bersabarlah

ya Allah..setahun tenang kini kembali bergelora..ternyata memang ketenangan kegembiraan hanya sementara..tapi mungkin juga bermaksud kiranya ada kegelisahan atau kesakitan,ia tidak akan bertahan lama juga.marah bukan jalan yang bijak. cewaaaaahhhh...ayat drama mlayu neh..kalah siti saleha tau..hahaha

but sometimes when u've tried ur best to stress things you dont like and people seem not to understand,it kinda start a fire in that little tiny heart..xtau nak guna bahasa ape..straight forward dah,subtle way pun dah..hint pun dah..penaaat sgt yaAllah..ssh sgt kah percakapan hambaMu ini untuk difahami.. ignore my mixed language..tgh cuba nk tenangkan hati..

pnh dgr ayat once bitten twice shy?tu kalau once,kalau 3,4,5,6 kali?mgkin 10 atau 11?there was one day in this one year,when i did make up my mind,and promise myself that i'll try to hold tightly to the vow i've made.tak perlu tanye kenapa xperlu try untuk ambik tahu atau pun cuba untuk mengubahnya..bila tiba masenya,bila Tuhan kate itu takdirnya, semua itu akan berubah..kalau saya sendiri pun xde effort nak ubah maksudnya saya xharapkan org lain utk try nk buat cmtu..skg tgh ckp baik,tgh boleh control darah muda ini,tolong laaa..just leave it!

ya Allah tenangkan lah hati ini..jangan biar kesabaran menipis..jangan biar persahabatan terputus..


Thursday, June 23, 2011

how to be happy?

a simple recipe on how to be happy. life can be simple but it depends on how you take it.
let's see what completes my life which leads to happiness
1.My family of course. well i might not be born with a silver spoon in my mouth but i'm grateful for the fact that i have them as my family.sometimes ade jugak gaduh2 adk beradik but one thg for sure is that i knw that we do care about one another. friends. i have a lot of good frens around gilaaa kot ade ramai kawan yg boleh cter ape jea kt diorg.kdg2 tu bkn slalu sgt jmpe tp once jumpa we can go on talking for hours updating one another :D
3.korea! this is how i spend my free time.variety shows,kpop dance,drama and movies..all about korea!why?coz they're soo cute and handsome..the shows can make me laugh my lungs out :p ..i'm just soo craaazy about current obsession is their make up natural look,very elegant :D oh my oh can make me happy..i can be soo excited especially when i get to eat the food that i've been craving for such a long time
5.songs. i enjoy listening to songs that i can relate myself to :D
6.exercise. i love it when i'm sweating..ahaha..idk why..
7.mask!i love to treat myself by applying masker to my face..relax and listen to sentimental relaxing that cud be!try it..i like it..rase best bila tgk org mkn :D

byk jea cara nak happy kan..sume mslh dunia tuh letak je tepi..bia lah pemimpin2 dunia yg settle kan..hidup xksh kn bnda2 xpntg ni best..percayalah :D

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


people take relationship for granted nowadays. they start it when they feel like it and end it just the same me uncool but playing with someone's heart is not unavoidable! being handsome and a sweettalker at the same time are not advantages!

me being single doesnt mean i'm in need of a bf right now.yes if fate is saying that i will get one now,i cant do anything about that.but what i'm trying to say is why people love to use short cut when it comes to this matter.if we're being serious about things we are going to do,we would definitely choose very carefully and not just picking anyone just because he/she is cute or pretty or handsome right?

getting to know the other person is a must before u decide on anything,even if u just wanna be fren with that ckp kalau kwn ngn org jual minyak wangi kita dpt bauan dia kalau kawan org buat besi nnt dpt percikkan besi kawan pun kena pilih ok!

dont trust people too ckp bila kita tgh2 sedih ke ape ke kena open up laaa get to know orang lain laaa bla bla kena hati2 jugak..jgn main bantai je ye kakak2 abg2 kt luar xmenolak org ckp ramai jea manusia kawin jumpe kt fb..kakak sy pun ade..n ade jg kakak sy yg jmpe di alam cyber(xsemestinya fb) again kawan2 ku yg tersayang be careful..even a person that u've known for few years can break ur heart how could you possibly trust someone u know over the internet kan kan?

kpd kwn sy yg sudah dikecewakan tu,lek ah weh..chill2..mesti ade sbb when someone cannot make it to ur future..been there,done that..lelame mgkin kau akn rase bersyukur plak bnda jd cmni tau x..percayalah..ahahaha

Sunday, June 19, 2011

deal with it

men are from mars and women are from venus? ridiculous,isnt it?we're from earth,DEAL WITH IT! it's undeniable that we're different.yeah coz we're made to complete one another right*cheesy*

well i came across a blog which has this in it

There is a woman behind every successful man, and there is a jerk behind every strong and independent woman

there's a woman behind every successful man but there's a jerk behind every strong and independent woman. what do you think? well dont get me wrong.i'm not saying that every woman is kind and great and all guys is a jerk. coz it takes a great woman to be able to support a man to be successful. and regarding the jerk,well some of them can actually paralyze a woman completely,not being able to stand up and move on in life.

but one thing we have to keep in mind is that when a person is already at the top of the mountain,the only thing he can do is just maintaing the position and be careful not to be pushed down. but when we are at the lowest part what is left to do is just climb or probably wait for death to come *analogi melampau*

be it a guy a lady a girl or a boy.we have our own life and to be honest sometimes not having someone to support or not having a jerk to urge the strength gene to manifest are kinda blissful..note the 'sometimes' :D

Saturday, June 11, 2011

raining :)

it was raining
that day when i came to a junction
bewildered on which path to take
to play safe or to take risk
to enjoy the presence
or to predict the future
to unfold the confusion
or to let the future keeps its mystery

then i choosed
the one with unrevealed challenges
putting all the hope based on trust
and dreamed of it to become the wisest choice ever

when the lightning struck
the castle built in the air
started to fall
faking a smile
not gonna reveal the misery

a year has passed
i regretted it once
but now i think my choice was never wrong
tears wash the eyes clean
and help me see
the real beauty of life
taught me to appreciate
what i have rather than what i think i could have

it's raining now
reminiscing the past
i realize how strong it has turned me to
bit by bit
the hatred fades
and the smile has now became more sincere

Ps: rasa sudah lama tiada dendam makin padam


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


selamat sudah sampai di bumi malaysia tercinta..seperti yg dijangka bila klua je flight word pertama klua ialah,panasnyeee!hahaha..sesungguhnya tiada lah niat di hati untuk menjadi gedik dan mengada2 tapi mungkin sebab dah biasa ngn temp kt sane so bila balik ni lmbat sket nk adapt..haha..18 jam it was more like a challenge than a journey but anyhow the feeling of going back to where i belong was kinda overcome that. 1st thing 1st i was so happy coz i finally can meet my family again..and then fooooooooooooooood..awh..been missing great food since forever..well,that's it for now..need to take my time and eat everything i could..take care peeps :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

oh my oh my

i'm allergic to people that dont even have the gut to admit who they are but bluntly throwing harsh comments and opinion without knowing the real situation.well yes in life of course there are times when we disagree with someone. i believe that all of us are born smart enough to adequately have the knowledge to at least know what we've said will hurt other people. why we still choose to act that way?do we enjoy watching people in despair?

just one word being said carelessly may affect other people so badly,sometimes it can be beyond your imagination.i watched a variety show was about a person who has lost her will to live due to some circumstances.and there was a person,doing it for fun i guess wrote this to her..why are u still here,just go and die. and she did consider about committing suicide. we all know that when we're under stress and everything seems upside down and we feel like there's nothing we could do to make things better,we tend to be more vulnerable towards this kind of inappropriate comment. the rational mind of us may not be functioning well at that moment and anything could happen just because of that few words being said by someone who did not even know this person,not knowing what she has been through.

i'm not writing to show that i'm such and angel but just so u know that sometimes we take things for granted. we think that what we do is nothing but it can shatter someone's world in just a blink of an eye.not trying to ask everyone to try to understand one's situation as well but for me if you dont know anything it's better not to say rather than babbling around feeling proud of hurting people.

at times i did have a-slip-of-the-tongue moments when i say something or do something that hurt other people,in fact i did that a lot i think.realising how big the impact could be,i'd love to at least try not to repeat the same mistake again.let's do this together! and to those people who feel or think that i've done something inappropriate towards you,i sincerely apologise. i'm a normal person,i make mistake but i hope i learn from my mistake..

Friday, June 3, 2011


full of love?too korean i guess..haha..woke up quite early this morning coz i need to clean up my room and pack pack pack..3 days before i'm off to malaysia..yeay..looking forward to it so badly..warning to my family in malaysia:dont ever comment on my weight or skin unless u guys dont want any souvenirs from london..hahahhahahahahhahahaha

when i was cleaning something came up..i would never ever put any carpet in my future could trap so much dirts and obviously not good for respiratory system..hahhaha..medic freak?'s just that when it comes to something that u know is bad for your health,u shud avoid doing it right??so future husband no no no never never never ever dream on having a carpet in our house yoooo!haha

last nite i had quite a serious talk with the girls.we talk about future plans,what would happen to us in 5 years time or so.time flew so feels like it was yesterday when i was complaining why my preparation was set for two years realising now it was all over and i'm at the end of my 1st year in uni already. as much as i want to graduate early,cant wait to get this 5 years over with,still i dont want it to pass too quickly for responsibilities lying ahead looks so scary now.

4months of holidays?what should i doooo? gets shorter each year so i should make use of every free time i have now..sayonara to medic stuff for four months :D


10 reasons you should not fall in love with me

  1. i complain a lot.a lot and i dont think anyone can bear to listen to me well.
  2. i'm really mean. when i have something else to do or some unfinished work i would just ignore anyone.ANYONE!
  3. i'm narcissist. i love to think that i'm pretty.
  4. i'm selfish. everything needs to follow my way.
  5. i get annoyed easily.
  6. i'm allergic to sweet talkers. when someone says something sweet or try to flirt,i would just ignore or go offline or turn on the silent mode for my phone
  7. i hate people who are nice to me(probably coz i think they treat me well for reasons)
  8. i'm vain.i think everyone who says hi in fb chat or msgs me thru fb likes me-so i tend not to reply coz i really hate when people say i give false hope.
  9. i fall in love easily so i might easily fall out of love as well.
  10. i'm gemuk and muka banyak gilaaaa jerawat..pi cari pmpuan yg flawless and kurus,kan bahagia hidup.

here you go 10 reasons why you should not like this girl named NIK IDZNI DALILA..haha..she's just a person that is so hard to deal with so dont waste ur time. i really mean this.
it's a lie if i say i dont need smone in my life.i do or probably i will do.but seriously i suck when it comes to relationship. so in order not to hurt anyone anymore,not to be said giving false hope, i give an early warning to everyone.IDZNI sucks,just go find another girl ok..
i appreciate all the effort being done to become close to me,i do notice everything but i could not acknowledge it for some personal reasons,i do feel bad when i ignore people but isnt it the best way to help you guys move on?no,never ever trust the saying which says,dont give up and things will come your way..just give up. i'm so scared that i would come to a point when i'd be completely annoyed.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



This was in 2007.i was in form 5.look at those obvious chin.there was less fat around that area..i think i weighed about 40 kg at that time..

Then TADAAAAAAAAAA...after spm i grew cheek got chubbier coz i gained 8kg during the long break.this was my 1st few months in KYUEM.look at that double chin i had..aigooooo T.T
Then i got slimmer and idont know how i did that..back to 40kg this second year in KYUEM
This is my 1st week in london..before anything got worse..i think i weighed 41 kg this time.
this was after i gobbled up everything london has to offer..omg..i gained 6-7 kg this time..back to 'after spm' phase tension T.T

this is my current picture..weighing about bmi is in the border line between underweight and normal..well it's healthy but i just want to lose those fats around my cheeks,chin and a few other area.but how laaa?going back to malaysia soon so cannot diet sbb rindu mknn malaysia..arghhhhhhhhh...n muka skg byk gilaaa jerawat..tension seyh..hahahhaha