Monday, May 2, 2011

looking back at those times

those times when i have you guys by my side.when u guys were just a few steps away.those times when i was never afraid of doing anything crazy.coz i knw no matter what happens,i still have you guys and nothing is as important as that. now that we're so far away, i'm feeling heart feels empty and i'm lost.sometimes tears went down my cheeks without me realising it.i'd live well..i promise..but i just miss having u guys in my room..talking nonsense but it was was fun all the way till distance tore us apart.izzie farhah kammy n maddy..


anati said...

Idzni! This breaks my heart, really. Takpelah, bak kata orang, distance makes the heart grows fonder kan. Send my regards to Izzi Farhah Kammy Maddy whenever you get the chance to meet or talk to them. You live well and take care okay? :)

nik idzni dalila said...

ati..bila korg da fly u wud understand unless same uni..even same2 uk pun idzni maddy kammy jumpe 3x sthn idzni gilaaaaaa xsbr tggu korg dtg..once in a wjile boleh shopping sesame n mkn sesame..leh gossip2 mcm dulu..hehehe...cpt dtg tau :D