Monday, May 30, 2011

heart cant talk but u can listen!

There is always a little TRUTH behind just KIDDING. A little EMOTION behind I DONT CARE. A little PAIN behind IT'S OK. A little NEED behind LEAVE ME ALONE. A deep TOUGHT behind I DONT KNOW. A lot of words behind the SILENCE. So try to understand feelings, not the words only.
just finished exam few days ago.cant wait to go back to malaysia.i left with a painful heart and i got it fixed in London so now i'm going back as a new me.a me that no one can even try to shatter my happiness..heeee..i went shopping these few days,buying souvenirs for my family and close friends.i never knew that buying things for other people can give me as much happiness. i did spend a lot but thinking back at those times when i was in a very difficult situation, they stood by my side i cudnt do anything much to repay.just some token of appreciation.i cant wait to see my family..i miss them so badly and i hope they really like what i bought for them coz i spent my 1 month allowance okay!hahhaa


syahmi said...

Cih. 1month allowance pun kayo lagi.