Friday, April 22, 2011

Strangers, again


it was always like this and it will always be..the difference is only one thing,whether u let that break up stage occur or not. i was in both sides.pulling at the wrong ends and ended up hurting my self or the people i once loved with all my heart. but none of these really makes me stop loving but at some point you do get tired and could not care less anymore.but deep down u know that one day the right one will come..not to promise that everything will be alright but to assure that even when things go wrong we’ll still holding each other’s hands..remember one thing,those who let u go that easily, you should be grateful that they did show the true colours way before it’s too doesnt mean that they were bad and i was right all the time,it only means that we did not match and both of us deserved someone’s better than we can b to one another. take it that way and u’ll be hurt less