Friday, April 22, 2011


amsterdam was a real fun..ok i didnt go to the red light district!haha well the flowers were was amazing..we went to quite a lot of places but i wasnt really in mood to snap pics coz i'd love to enjoy what i had in front of me by looking at it and just looking at it :)
so these pics are from 2 places i went..kuekenhof(idk hw to spell it correctly) garden and muzeum of handbags and purses :)



Nurul Hidayah said...

hye idzni! wahh, bestnye dy skrg bljr kt overC.....suke tgk kwn2 sumer dh brjaya specially u...btw, don't 4get me even we are not close as before....I'm always remember u :)

nik idzni dalila said... could i ever 4get you!am gilaaa xjumpaaa dayah omg tu qilaaaah ade dtg cni 2 mggu..idzni pun slalu igt dayaaaah :)