Sunday, April 3, 2011


well i'm sooo grateful. despite all things that have happened i think they are all worth going through..well i could not thank God enough for all these.well my cousin whom i used to be quite mad at by the way he dealt with my unfriendly manner. i am friendly face to face but online i'm so's just not me.after a while he comes back and apologises. i accept it and yeah i've got less people that hate me right?hehe

and then my senior whom i used to adore and respect so much.she's pretty,she's nice and kind but somehow situations put us in an unpleasant condition.things are getting better i least i know now that she doesnt hate me anymore :)

so i am really really happy for the fact that yeaaaay now less people hate me..hehe..

in life i did have to make a lot of decision.the biggest one is to choose between doing the right thing or doing things that everyone favours. i choose the former and yeah sometimes i get hurt by doing that.i get critised,i get hatred but in the end i know that the most important thing is what i stand for. truth hurts but face it and deal with it..get over it and move on.

it doesnt take much to make thgs better..saying sorry is more than enough :)

well exam is coming in a week time..n the biggest one is in about 6 weeks..i'm scared to death but yeah i just need to focus and try my best. :)