Friday, April 29, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

current addiction!

we got married campus couple and 49 days.. all about korea..omg..
korea will make it hard for boys i guess.. jang woo. i love him soo badly.he has everything that i ever wanted in a husband-not talking about bf now..ahhaa
well he's playful and serious at times. his laugh is entertaining. he's cute and tall.he's fair..he knows how to sing and play guitar. he loves camping and sports. he can drive and have few houses..oh God..he's my eyes.. :D

Saturday, April 23, 2011

koraaaaang!exam korang da dekat!

lg 2 mggu je kan..idzni lak yg cuak lebih2..hehe...msti tgh nervous gila2 kan kan kan..igt time ktorg dulu siap duk pike back up plan lg..uni mane nk masuk kalo(nauzubillah) xpass requirement..tapi tapi korang xperlu sume tu coz all of u gonna bring ur ass-es here orite?promise?

well a level isnt easy but passing it with flying colours is definitely possible..biasanya org esok exaaaam br wish tapi idzni naaaak wish korang sume all da very best utk a level..kita xspent mase lama sgt time kt ky so ni laa masenya..korg dtg uk n kita catch up ok..i miss you guys sooooo badly...the people that i could share anything without being judged..i cud even cry dpn korg and gtaw mslh koraaaaaaaaaaang sgt sgt penting for me..pls pls pls stdy betul2 n dtg sini okaaaay..i'll be waiting :))

n n n jugaaak utk semua juniors yg lain...adik saya syed,adin,quraisya
org yg penah borak lepak ngn sy zamri zuli geng2 sapphire amin saiful vicky taemin syahira tipah eju n sumeeee laaaaaaaaaa..ssh nk list sume org..hehe *kantoi mls* papepun buat betul2 ok..

Friday, April 22, 2011

Strangers, again


it was always like this and it will always be..the difference is only one thing,whether u let that break up stage occur or not. i was in both sides.pulling at the wrong ends and ended up hurting my self or the people i once loved with all my heart. but none of these really makes me stop loving but at some point you do get tired and could not care less anymore.but deep down u know that one day the right one will come..not to promise that everything will be alright but to assure that even when things go wrong we’ll still holding each other’s hands..remember one thing,those who let u go that easily, you should be grateful that they did show the true colours way before it’s too doesnt mean that they were bad and i was right all the time,it only means that we did not match and both of us deserved someone’s better than we can b to one another. take it that way and u’ll be hurt less


amsterdam was a real fun..ok i didnt go to the red light district!haha well the flowers were was amazing..we went to quite a lot of places but i wasnt really in mood to snap pics coz i'd love to enjoy what i had in front of me by looking at it and just looking at it :)
so these pics are from 2 places i went..kuekenhof(idk hw to spell it correctly) garden and muzeum of handbags and purses :)


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011


what it takes is just a word..sorry..and the friendship will soon be back to normal. i have a confession to make. it's not easy for anyone to make me's hard to make me mad at smthg or somebody coz i have quite a high tolerance towards all those craps people throw at me.but believe me you once it happens it stays in this heart for quite a long time. it takes so long just to feel takes forever to forget it. but it only takes a word sorry to ease everything. i may not be able to forget how bad things were but that word would simply remove all the hatred i have in my heart.all the black dots will be cleaned up. forgiving is never that hard.

along the line of life i've met so much obstacles and please dont feel sorry for me unless u're the kinda person who get everything u've ever wanted. that's the one and only reason it's acceptable for you to feel sorry.i might look pathetic in one or two branches of my story-line tree but i'm grateful that i'm not afraid to admit the whole truth and not living in denial.if i was hurt, it's shown and if happiness was mine, the rays radiated through these eyes.i was being honest with myself all way long coz i think there's nothing worse than trying to pretend like everything is fine when it's not. yeap some people did make me feel it's better keeping things on my own coz letting them out will just hurt another human being but that doesnt mean i'm not aware of what's happening.

be it trying to be nice or giving false hope i really dont want to fall into that category. rebound is the worst thing and i would never want to do that. but there is a ver thin line between trying to be a good friend and hinting someone i like him.and i've been mistakenly regarded as so for few times and this makes me feel bad about myself. seriously, is there anyone in this world that is on my side when i said single is alright? i mean you have less things to be worried about, u can have ur own spaces, u dont need to do anything to be up to anyone's expectation and the most important thing is that no one can affect ur life as much.

'u havent met the right one,that's why the only thing comes up when rshp is concerned is pain' someone tries to convince me.

one side of me said,to be honest no, i wasnt afraid to fall in love. remember i wrote something about liking someone?my biggest concern is that the time i have now is only enough for myself. one day i'll make time for this but it's not now i guess. it could be tomorrow or day after, i dont know but please for now dont you fall in love with me, dont show me ur affection, i cant give you what u want from me and i dont want the attention! it annoys me when people are being flirtatious. if a person really likes u,she'll make her way to ur life. so let's say one day God opens my heart and we were fated to be together i will find my way and lead my self towards you. so just dont push it coz u might find urself pulling at the wrong end and things will never be the same.

the other side of me admits yes i've had enough.and for now i coudnt take anything similar anymore. it's human nature to feel tired.sometimes nothings changed tho it appears so,it's just the art of keeping it from the whole world.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

happy birthday to me

hehe..well it's one of the best birthday clbration :D thanks all for being there for me..i love my life..i do :))
this is a bday card made by ubee syawal n maddy..thanks guys! n thanks to wawa for being the organizer for the surprise party.

my bday wishes?
- i want this happiness to stay! i really love it ths way :D


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

brain and musculoskeletal?

life coudnt be any worse than this..omg!so much to revise n yet i still have time to sit infront of my lappy pressing this keyboard and write this entry..bravo idzni bravo..
well i have exam this friday and this is how my room looks like..hehehe..full of notes here and there.well there's something that makes me happy these few days. but i dont know would it last or not but it does somehow makes me grin from ear to ear dancing to the song i sing in my mind.i'm on the cloud9..are you too?

Sunday, April 3, 2011


well i'm sooo grateful. despite all things that have happened i think they are all worth going through..well i could not thank God enough for all these.well my cousin whom i used to be quite mad at by the way he dealt with my unfriendly manner. i am friendly face to face but online i'm so's just not me.after a while he comes back and apologises. i accept it and yeah i've got less people that hate me right?hehe

and then my senior whom i used to adore and respect so much.she's pretty,she's nice and kind but somehow situations put us in an unpleasant condition.things are getting better i least i know now that she doesnt hate me anymore :)

so i am really really happy for the fact that yeaaaay now less people hate me..hehe..

in life i did have to make a lot of decision.the biggest one is to choose between doing the right thing or doing things that everyone favours. i choose the former and yeah sometimes i get hurt by doing that.i get critised,i get hatred but in the end i know that the most important thing is what i stand for. truth hurts but face it and deal with it..get over it and move on.

it doesnt take much to make thgs better..saying sorry is more than enough :)

well exam is coming in a week time..n the biggest one is in about 6 weeks..i'm scared to death but yeah i just need to focus and try my best. :)