Friday, March 11, 2011

who's sexaaaay?

i've been ill for a week soo let's write about something fun.something that can booost the immune system..hehehe.. hot sexy sweet handsome??which one do i prefer? to be honest i dont set the qualities i need in a bf coz i always like people that i like. but looking back few years ago there are similarities between guys that i used to let's try to write it down..hehe..this is just for fun meh :)
  • specky- ok i really cant resist this..i like it more bila frame tu hitam n tebal...cooolness
  • putih-mostly laaa..mybe my kelantanese gene kinda makes me feel attracted to lelaki2 yg putih or cerah..haha
  • pendiam-haha..opposite does
  • kurus- *agak kurang ajar kalo sape nk ckp opposite attracts jugak kt cni* tak ok tak..haha..xtau sbb mcm xsuka sgt org2 ade muscle2 ni n xphm knp org nak ade..
  • ketingian- ni sgt varies so xleh comment
  • negeri- ok 17 thn kt klntn of course ngn org klntn tp kalo klua klntn msti ade gak laaaah darah2 klntan sket2 bila klua msia org jaaaauuuuuh pulaaaak daaaaaah..
  • skema or bad boy ?- i like bad boy attitude with brain..haha well mcm bdk medic tp slalu ponteng??ops :)
  • special qualities like in sports or playing musical instrument? back in school i think i dont really care about sports so those who can play any musical instrument were so hooot for me...a drummer..basketballer n tennis player.. but imagine when someone can play guitar and keyboard,know how to play football basketball and tennis??maiGod,eh u go get a life and stop having those extra qualities and make u look so charming..haha

the most important part is the heart that cares (;