Wednesday, March 9, 2011


weeeheeeeeeeeee....i've bought the ticket from london to malaysia..omg's so fast..i cant believe that i've been here for 6 months..and in 3 months time i'll be in malaysia..meeting my family and my friends..i really cant wait for that to happen. but before that,i'm going to amsterdam this easter break..hoyeaaah..wanna see tulips.. n probably going to greece just before i go back to malaysia..seem like i'm gonna have so much fun but waaaaaaait the worst part is final exam. i never knew that medicine could be this hard i tell ya..OMG like seriously i'm struggling..but pain no doesnt gimme money just to travel around the i guess it's fair..fine fine i'll stdy hard for my final..ya Allah tlg laaa permudahkan semuanya pls pls pls...cuaaaak gilaaaa lah buat medic ni..

ok..during summer i'm planning to go to langkawi and singapore with my sister and then to jakarta and bandung with my batchmates..i'm so gonna buy my baju raya in like like..okeh nasihat kpd budak2 mara silaa laah apply uni london..summer kaye sket laaa dpt duit skg miskin sbb mara xkasi duit len da dpt..adakah mara xsyg sy?haaa yg itu yg kita xtau..

i've been dreaming to pursue my stdy in uk since i was in form 5*ok mgkn agak lmbat sbnrnye
and now i'm idzni bersyukur n tolong laa blaja rajin2 okaayh..