Monday, March 7, 2011

last letter

dear old you..
this is the last time i'm gonna write about you.
i guess karma has made me pay back the things i've done before. what u did to me was exactly the same thing i did to him so i guess i deserved that. it was me who wanted you back as well but you never really come back and you didnt even wish me when i was about to fly.but i didnt regret wishing you happy birthday and yeah probably i gave you the best birthday present ever. freedom and chance to be with her. you told me you cudnt be the one who ended it for whatever reason so i guess i made it easier. well yeah u did hurt me quite badly though but seriously if it wasnt for you i wouldnt get what i have now. so thanks to you. i wish you all the joy and happiness. all the strength to face everything especially the one that scares you the most.distance is just a number if you know how to handle it. prove to me. this is a challenge. i know you are the kinda guy who doesnt like being defeated and i dont want to be the one who are going to say, well karma is staring at you. karma has to stop somewhere and yes please let it stop there.right there. 7 months ago, somewhere near the tnb thingy behind the kafe.