Thursday, March 24, 2011

back to where you belong

sometimes i feel so lost.i lose count on how much things have changed.sometimes i forget about all the blessings i've got. but at one point or another i'll find things that will bring me back to where i belong.back into having faith and trust in my creator. well i know people keep on saying what's the point of turning to Him only when i'm in trouble or facing difficulties. but for me maybe it could be the first step that will help me to be better. well looking back at those days when i pray only because my parents told me to..most of the things i did were lacking of sincerity.same goes to hijab. i started to wear it just because everyone at my age in the place i was brought up did so i just follow them.but as time goes by, with the help of a little understanding in all these things the sincerity develops. so i really dont understand people who like to judge others too early..give everyone enough time coz a sudden change wont last me. i'm not good but of course each day when i wake up from my sleep i want to be a better person than i was yesterday.

i realise how lazy i have become after alevel. i think i put a lot of effort to get the grades and fulfil qmul requirement finding myself being worn out afterwards. or probably because of too long holidays after alevel exam. starting this course with the little courage i have and so far i'm fine.not the best i can offer but enough not to let me feel too bad. final is 2months away. now i feel the urge to really put my best foot forward. no matter how low my interest in medicine is i believe that somehow someday i'll find myself loving this amazing course. it's amazing when u can use ur knowledge to make a difference in one's life. be it giving them the best treatment or just by being there listening to what they want to share. i really wish that i'll be a good doctor. looking back at my childish thought, i want to stay and specialise here just because of money. thinking from a matured side of my brain i feel the need of going back.i want to be there for my parents. i want them to see me walking in those white coat with stethoscope winding around my neck. no matter how hard things are going to be ma and ku, i promise you i'll fight this battle well and i'll make you proud. i'll make ur dream comes true. i wont disappoint u. i hope God will help me throughout this whole process of achieving this dream of mine and my parents' so that everything will flow smoothly. insyaAllah..amin :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

life track

on my way towards happiness i meet you n now i’m wondering if i have arrived?

coz i know there’s no such thing as absolute happiness. even the loveliest rainbow needs the presence of rain to be formed


Friday, March 18, 2011


i was sleeping pattern is getting i did this.i just knew how to print screen using iphone..haha..well it's kinda tumblr-ish but i like it.

in life it's easy to know what i dont want but to figure out what i want and i need is very thing i'm sure of is when i like someone it's either that person or none at all. i'm not one of those who can simply twist how i feel. so when i've found someone i like no matter he's into me or not everyone else would be put far far far awaaaay..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


ok quite a few people ask me abt how to wear the stethoscope frenly u go a tutorial..*my God it took ages to do this coz i ni jenis minah2 stock perasan depan camera so kalau nk record video tu sukaa buat expression bajet2 cun ni kre video plg kurang n da try control expression yg xperlu..harap maaf kalo still nmpak annoying..niat nk share aje..hahaha

~try it

Friday, March 11, 2011

who's sexaaaay?

i've been ill for a week soo let's write about something fun.something that can booost the immune system..hehehe.. hot sexy sweet handsome??which one do i prefer? to be honest i dont set the qualities i need in a bf coz i always like people that i like. but looking back few years ago there are similarities between guys that i used to let's try to write it down..hehe..this is just for fun meh :)
  • specky- ok i really cant resist this..i like it more bila frame tu hitam n tebal...cooolness
  • putih-mostly laaa..mybe my kelantanese gene kinda makes me feel attracted to lelaki2 yg putih or cerah..haha
  • pendiam-haha..opposite does
  • kurus- *agak kurang ajar kalo sape nk ckp opposite attracts jugak kt cni* tak ok tak..haha..xtau sbb mcm xsuka sgt org2 ade muscle2 ni n xphm knp org nak ade..
  • ketingian- ni sgt varies so xleh comment
  • negeri- ok 17 thn kt klntn of course ngn org klntn tp kalo klua klntn msti ade gak laaaah darah2 klntan sket2 bila klua msia org jaaaauuuuuh pulaaaak daaaaaah..
  • skema or bad boy ?- i like bad boy attitude with brain..haha well mcm bdk medic tp slalu ponteng??ops :)
  • special qualities like in sports or playing musical instrument? back in school i think i dont really care about sports so those who can play any musical instrument were so hooot for me...a drummer..basketballer n tennis player.. but imagine when someone can play guitar and keyboard,know how to play football basketball and tennis??maiGod,eh u go get a life and stop having those extra qualities and make u look so charming..haha

the most important part is the heart that cares (;

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

my parents

ma and ku
i've been planning to write about them since forever but coz i really wanna make it special so i keep on postponing this post.well i guess i should say i'm the luckiest girl ever. ma n ku.the best parents ever..okayh mgkin korg akn ckp ye laa sbb mmg ade satu je mak ayh so sbb tu lah terus jd the best diorg ni sgt special..the way diorg besarkan kitaorg sgt unik.

1st my mom yg dad thing i'm so proud of is the fact that my mom respects my dad to the fullest though semua income dtg dr my slalu ckp ssh kalau gaji pmpuan lg tinggi nnti naik kepala suami tp tu xpnh jd in my family. n the best thing of all is diorg xpnh gaduh..gaduh means yg teruk2 laa..paling2 pun masam2 muke 5 minit sbb xsama pendapat bila nak g mane,hampir sesat ma ckp ptt g kiri ku ckp ptt g kanan..ku xpnh langsung seingt saya dr kecik smpai besar tinggi kan suara kt ma. i really dont know how they do it but omg it's like a fairy tale. and dr kecik smpai besar ku n ma xpnh cubit or pukul ktorg..plg2 marah je laa kot..kalau ade pun mgkin yg xsakit sgt so sbb tu xigt.. i'm so happy to have them as my parents. diorg besarkan ktorg dgn penuh kasih syg dan didikan yg cukup..n plg sy sukaaa ma n ku xpnh langsung pressure anak2 dia psl ma saya setiap anak dia ade kelebihan..kalau semua dah buat yg terbaik cukuplaaah bg bilaa dia nmpak ktorg mcm asyik duk tgk tv je dia tegur laa xde laa nk check2 da buat homework ke x or nak paksa2 blaja..

ktorg dr family yg biasa2 ma xpnh kisah nk kluarkan duit for our education. she spent thousands ringgit just to send me to an english centre so that i can be fully prepared for my interview tp alhamdulillah xsia2 and tu lah one of the reason sy bleh dtg uk ni..wpun ktorg sederhana nye family tp ktorg sgt bahagia dan sy sgt sayaaaaang mak ayah saya.. i really hope that by being a doctor i can at least make u proud of me. i cudnt repay all those things u've sacrificed for me but ma n ku u can take my words, you will be my you ma n ku.. see you 3 months..till then tc :)


weeeheeeeeeeeee....i've bought the ticket from london to malaysia..omg's so fast..i cant believe that i've been here for 6 months..and in 3 months time i'll be in malaysia..meeting my family and my friends..i really cant wait for that to happen. but before that,i'm going to amsterdam this easter break..hoyeaaah..wanna see tulips.. n probably going to greece just before i go back to malaysia..seem like i'm gonna have so much fun but waaaaaaait the worst part is final exam. i never knew that medicine could be this hard i tell ya..OMG like seriously i'm struggling..but pain no doesnt gimme money just to travel around the i guess it's fair..fine fine i'll stdy hard for my final..ya Allah tlg laaa permudahkan semuanya pls pls pls...cuaaaak gilaaaa lah buat medic ni..

ok..during summer i'm planning to go to langkawi and singapore with my sister and then to jakarta and bandung with my batchmates..i'm so gonna buy my baju raya in like like..okeh nasihat kpd budak2 mara silaa laah apply uni london..summer kaye sket laaa dpt duit skg miskin sbb mara xkasi duit len da dpt..adakah mara xsyg sy?haaa yg itu yg kita xtau..

i've been dreaming to pursue my stdy in uk since i was in form 5*ok mgkn agak lmbat sbnrnye
and now i'm idzni bersyukur n tolong laa blaja rajin2 okaayh..


Monday, March 7, 2011

last letter

dear old you..
this is the last time i'm gonna write about you.
i guess karma has made me pay back the things i've done before. what u did to me was exactly the same thing i did to him so i guess i deserved that. it was me who wanted you back as well but you never really come back and you didnt even wish me when i was about to fly.but i didnt regret wishing you happy birthday and yeah probably i gave you the best birthday present ever. freedom and chance to be with her. you told me you cudnt be the one who ended it for whatever reason so i guess i made it easier. well yeah u did hurt me quite badly though but seriously if it wasnt for you i wouldnt get what i have now. so thanks to you. i wish you all the joy and happiness. all the strength to face everything especially the one that scares you the most.distance is just a number if you know how to handle it. prove to me. this is a challenge. i know you are the kinda guy who doesnt like being defeated and i dont want to be the one who are going to say, well karma is staring at you. karma has to stop somewhere and yes please let it stop there.right there. 7 months ago, somewhere near the tnb thingy behind the kafe.