Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wont go anywhere

i look around
it's all dark and silent
nervous heartbeat starts to take over
i feel like i'm in no control
i know i can always move
and go wherever i
but this feet aint moving
they're glued by experiences
that continue to whisper
there are thousands of obstacles
and you can never
recover if you were to fall again
call me pathetic if you like
but this heart
cant be moved anymore
by those sweet words
or even actions
havent u heard?
once bitten twice shy
think what would it be like
if it was more than once
can i cope?
absolutely not and that's the reason
i wont go anywhere
not till i feel safe
not till i'm sure of what's happening
i used to trust people easily
i cant go against sincerity
but now i know
it can be faked
so easily that makes it lose its precious value
i've never been this confused
did we swap the way we think?

Anyone can make u happy by doing something special, but only someone special can make u happy without doing anything~ i'm not those people who think moving on is as simple as getting a new boyfriend. i dont mind waiting longer or being single for a while if this will help me to choose the right one. do u knw the feeling when u're tired of picking wrong ppl n let them break ur heart? that's what i feel right now. tired of all these drama when everyone is nice and sweet at the very beginning. i know the time will come when i need to start thinking abt this rshp thing again but i'd love to give myself more or two year maybe :))