Tuesday, February 8, 2011

sy gemuk?anda gemuk?kita gemuk?

ahaha..topik ni cm sgt laaa common esp among girls laaaa..n prbbly this is one of the things that guys are sick of listening to..but let me tell you,we cant help it.. :)

what's the definition of gemuk??ade yg nmpak kurus je pun ckp dia gemuk..ade yg xdelaa kurus sgt tp lek2 je..selesa je dgn dia nye badan..so bila pmpuan ckp gemuk ni ape mksud dia??

xtau laaa pmpuan lain mcm mane tp for me i consider myself as gemuk bilaa berat bdn naik dr kebiasaan..contohnye kalau b4 ni berat sy 40kg skg dah jd 45 so kira gemuk laaa tuh..org yg berat bdn mmg mantain 45kg dr dulu msti emo if sy ckp 45kg ni gemuk..bkn 45kg tu gemuk tp sbb naik dr 40 to 45 tuh yg gemuk..ade faham?? it's not the current weight but it's the amount that has been added to the original weight that matters..so since fly i've been complaining about myself being gemuk and asyik kena sound mengada2 je..hahaha..so when i say i'm gemuk means that i've put on more weight compared to the last time you saw me..get it??hehehe..that's how it works for me.

for some people having extra 5kg is not that significant..my bmi is now on the border line between underweight and normal so i shudnt be worried..but what i dont like is that all the lemak2 goes to my pipi!grhhhhhhh..hahahah..
i shud be stdying but i dont know what i'm doing right now..haha..

exam is 2 days away...all the best idzni..:)