Tuesday, February 1, 2011

awak dah xnk kawan dgn saya??

i got this A LOT! actually i dont know how to make people understand my situation and my stand about this matter.i dont think i need to explain coz those who really know me dont need explanation and those who need it wont understand.

to be honest, yes when i'm bored or i have nothing to do i wont mind chatting with one condition-we've known each other..unless u're attractive enough,a perfect stranger will remain that way forever. there are a lot of reasons that can stop me from chatting with anyone or not replying when people say hi even texting-wise

1-i have exam in few weeks time..yes few weeks coz now my revision starts at least 3 weeks before exam.

2- i'm using the internet to do other things such as googling information for my case study the next morning.

3- maybe i'm watching movies and couldnt be bothered about anything else-focus koot :)

4- i dont want to like you or i dont want you to like me. i hate it when people give false hope and i dont want to do the same thing.

ok in ur defense you wud say oh i just wanna be fren..it's not that i'm trying to hit on you..fair enough. but a real fren would understand that i might be busy doing my things and wont use this kind of ayat-awk da xnk kwn ngn saye lg ke?awak ni sombong laaa?knp awak xreply?

penat tau dgr ayat mcm ni hari2..kwn2 yg rpt slalu je chat..siap ade gp utk ktorg je..skype n twitter jugak..kalau just chat sbb nk tau sy tgh buat ape?mkn ape td?best x ddk sini?
lama2 boleh jd rimas gak laaaaa...



JUEK said...

hehe hawtt staffff =B

nik idzni dalila said...

hahaha...mungken tidak cik azwaaaaa..weh sumpah i likeeeeeeeeeee lah psl kau tulis the mars n venus nye thingy tuuuh :)

Aizuddin Abdul Hamid said...

garangnya kak ni =.=

nik idzni dalila said...

eh adik mane ade garang..tp kalau dpt bnda same everyday 3 x sehari mane nk thn..haih :p