Saturday, January 22, 2011


it's weekend again and i'm so happy coz i can rest a bit and actually treasure few beautiful moments in my dreamland! it takes a good deep sleep to recharge my energy..well,i cooked roti jala for lunch!i'm happy that it turned out the be good*i wud want to say great but people say it's better to be humble aite?hahha*

i keep staring on my list of lecture notes i need to revise for my upcoming exam.i wish my juniors back in ky read this post-if u guys are complaining about having so many things to be covered n studied for in such a limited time..atleast u've got one whole year to study. these are the lists that i need to cover and i've only been taught for 6 weeks! another 3 weeks i'm gonna have my they teach me 9 weeks and give me no study leave and in 9 weeks in total i need to force all these info into my brain..each lecture note consists of 4-5 u do the math! i'm not complaining..this is what i've choosen and i'm grateful that i choose this path..i just want you guys to appreciate the time you guys have and just give your very best! A level is not easy but if you put enough effort,everything is worthwhile! i shall start digging my brain and try my best for my guys do the same okie??adios :)